Know the 6 types of Advertising techniques for your next advertising campaign

Today, in the times of cut throat competition, advertising and marketing your product is very important. Advertisements are like pieces of information sent by the people who want their products/ services to be advertised to the influenced.

In today’s world, advertisers use every possible media to get their message through.

Advertising is like a communication process used to promote personal or impersonal goods

There can be many types of advertisements which can be via television, social media or print media (pamphlets, brochures, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc) Every big shot business will spend millions in its marketing, but it can only be worth it if it is spent correctly.

Know the 6 Types of advertising techniques that marketers use to attract their audience:

1. Emotional appeal

emotional appeal

This technique is based on 2 factors:

The first is the need of the product and then finding an emotional connection to the story.

It can focus on the following factors:

Adapting to the new culture

Old memories

Parental memories

Fear of death

Fear of not being loved

2. Bandwagon advertising


This strategy involves convincing people to buy the product or service just because everyone else has bought it. Like Sunsilk says X million people trust sunsilk.

3.Promotional advertising

promotional advertising

This form of advertising includes promotional events, and ad campaigns, trade fairs, paid media ads etc. It is a direct form of advertising.

4. Statistical ads

statistical ads

These ads use statistical data and numbers to promote their brand. Like for eg: Lizol provides 99.9% germ protection.

5. Brand endorsements

brand endorsements

This type of advertising includes celebrity and influencer marketing. We can let celebrities tell their story with reference to a particular brand.

Like the Prega News ad where Ms. Kareena Kapoor Khan shares her side of story during the pregnancy by relating it to the brand she is endorsing.

6. Making the customers

feel wanted


It indulges in letting the customers feel good about themselves. Just like the slogan of Loreal that says since last 15 years, “You’re Worth It”


Well, advertisement is and has always been there in the market.

It is for every age group, whether it

It is just that now the forms of advertising are changing with the technologies and innovations coming over.


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