5 Steps to generate creative content

There is always that one point in the life of every content creator where they create creative marketing content due to their creative block, which can be a result of anxiety, depression, stress, distraction or even over-thinking

But being creative is not only important, it is the only way out to differentiate yourself from a bunch of people who are doing the same thing. It is like a principle element to make your content memorable and successful.

Why is creativity so important?

Building new audiences consistently is not easy. While keeping the existing ones entertained as a marketer, you always need to keep bringing out new, creative and fresh content.

Since technology is evolving everyday, one needs to be updated and thorough with their content.

While creativity is subjective, targeting a niche audience will always be in your favor, as content that appeals to your niche will always grab attention. It is also advisable to change your content development tactics based on the feedback you receive from your target audience.

Below mentioned are 5 different ways from where you can get inspiration to generate new marketing ideas:


A popular way to generate inspiration can be to check previously published works/ campaigns of successful people in the same field. You can even go back to your previously published work and upgrade the content by adding your gained experience over the time and republish it.

This method will definitely It gives you a sense of direction and will guide you to provide value to the existing content. a sense of starting a thought process.


zero to hero

Be it a Red Ocean or a Blue Ocean Strategy, one has to be always ahead of their competition. And to do that, every business needs to have a thorough Market Research done.

This plays true for Content as well because If there is nothing creative coming out either you are lacking knowledge on the subject or you do not know what your competition is giving and what gap you can serve. you must go to your competitor’s page and study their campaigns.

Even studying 5 competitor campaigns each from your competitors and taking impactful some elements from each can give you a direction to your campaigns and content.


be specific

Be it a Brand Campaign, Marketing Advertisement or a Simple Blog, a brand has to adhere to its Brand Personality & provide real value to its consumers. People make this mistake quite often. They always target a larger group of audience, when all they need is to decide their niche!.

All you need to do is to think of your brand as a person and then brainstorm think of some ideas. It will help you. This helps you offer value to your target group with your touch of creativity.


Try to find organic ways to get into your consumers’ shoes. Methods like You can try joining following relevant social media hashtags, a simple google search related to what your audience might be searching for or analyzing your website insights can be helpful.

relevant to your business and to your niche. Understanding the consumer intent is very important as this will You can definitely help you fetch some ideas.


follow trend

Everyday there is a topic that is in the limelight, an artistic act that has gained much needed attraction or there is a problem that is being addressed on multiple social media networks.

These discussions, questions or entertainment create TRENDS. You can always look up trends by following your niche related social media platforms and try using it as a reference to generate creative ideas to market your business.

We are sure that you can start off your creative journey by using at least one of the above mentioned methods.

And in case, you still cannot find a Creative Idea for your Marketing Activity, this is where your desire to be creative is put to test.

Think Simple. Think Relevant. Think Creative!


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