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GenXhom is a company that aims at creating better residential and commercial experience to their customers by providing next generation technology that turns conventional spaces into multifunctional domains.


We had to work with the creators of GenXhom from the scratch and develop their logo, finalize the companies name, develop the website, the stationary items, brochures, and handle their social media for them. To convey the futuristic ideas and long term solutions that the company had to offer as a necessity for today’s way of living was the biggest task ahead of us!



As we were fortunate enough to be involved with the brand right from the beginning, we developed a better understanding of their needs and what they had to offer. The brand was keen on including GenX as a representative feature for their company, so after a series of discussions between the TBW team and them the name GenXhom was finalized.


The logo was designed in a simplistic way so that it could be used as a stamp for the products of the company with X and home being key features of it. We decided to develop content themed in Turquoise colour for GenXhom. Turquoise is often used for signifying the feeling of calmness, refreshment and sophistication; which blends in perfectly with the kind of experience products provided by GenXhom are aimed at.

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