Types of Brand campaign

A marketing campaign is a strategic marketing effort aimed at promoting a specific endeavor or goal on behalf of a company, brand or individual.

Marketing campaigns are designed to get consumers’ attention in several ways, such as television, print advertising, social media and email marketing.

When a company/ business’ story or message is put in front of the audience for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, getting an active social media presence is a brand campaign.

The public image of the brand can be controlled by the same

A brand campaign can be created, depending upon the needs of the organization and how one wants their brand to be portrayed in front of the audience.

Here we have a list of types of campaigns.

Product Launch Campaign

product launch

A launch for a new product involves designing marketing campaigns, the launch campaign is obviously launched by the owner of the business to create buzz and curiosity. The only motive of this campaign is to generate awareness and let the target audience know that you are launching your product/ service.

It involves a set of multiple things to be taken care of, like medium of launch, format, pricing, location (if any) etc.

Discount Campaign


This campaign is all about providing and promoting your discounts and sale offers to your target market.

Before you launch the campaign on air, it’s important to consider factors like margin, target market, discount, active range etc.

Brand Awareness Campaign

brand awareness

A brand awareness campaign has only a goal which is to spread awareness about the brand name. You need to create your brand personality and add values that you want your brand to have. You need to tell people what is unique in your product/ service and how it makes you different from your competitors.

Public Relations Campaign

public relation

Public relations campaign is there to catch the attention of the audience and the media. The right media attention can give heights to your business.


These are the types of brand campaigns used by top level brands for their branding and marketing. A brand gets the opportunity to get recognized through the type of campaigns they engage into.

A brand campaign can decide the identity and personality of the brand in the market. So, a brand has to carefully design it’s campaign as it can shape its personality.


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