Top 5 Free Content Marketing Tools for Beginners

What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves creating and distributing posts, relevant to your business, to online social media platforms.

There is no doubt that your content is the king and the queen of your business.

No strategy or plan can be proved to be effective if the content delivered is not upto the mark, and that is why delivering effective and useful content is very essential.

Why do you need content marketing tools?

Having the right technical support can help deliver good quality content effectively and accurately.

It means if you have any problem regarding content generation, content creation or anything related to tech, you can find a software to your rescue.

It Helps you get the job done better, easier, and more efficiently.

They also serve tonnes of different purposes, from content ideation to production to promotion, optimization, and more.

The content marketing technology landscape is growing every year.

As such, if you’re a content marketer who has a budget constraint, you can watch out for the following tools, which can all be used or at least tested out for free.

1. Canva


What about when a stock image doesn’t fit and you want to make your own imagery?

Canva is a great option here.

You do not even need to be a designer, you can use the ready made free templates. Extensive customization of virtual workplace

Pros :

Create business cards

Create social media post images

Create social media profile images and logos

Templates that are easy to edit and can be embellished with creativity.

An external feature that users can upload their own templates makes this software stand out.

Ample of creative templates for Flyers, Posters & Banners.

Cons :

There is room for improvement in Infographics both from images available and in general usability.

Advance editing cannot be done.

The mobile version is not as efficient as the PC version.

2. Click up


When you start making content, it becomes difficult to manage everything.
Click up keeps a record of all your tasks, plans, records, schedule etc.

Planning and execution becomes much easier with this software.

By adopting the skills they develop in other industries, they can use the expertise they gain in a new one.

Pros :

Different spaces for different sections of business.

Task organizations and levels of tasks are all customizable.

Extensive customization of virtual workplace

Project Management planning

Importing collaboration materials from external apps to ClickUp.

Cons :

ClickUp can be slightly tricky for the average new user.

Needs more flexible reporting. Customized reports would be great

There’s too high a price margin between packages with little difference in functionality.

3. Google analytics

google analytics

The measurements are something that can never be left while discussing content marketing tools.

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used platforms online. It’s easy-to-use.

You can track your activities from here.

Pros :

Gives detailed demographics

Allows you to segment out traffic to analyse

Simple to use. The clarity of its reports allows rapid adoption of users without knowledge of
Marketing as with experts.

Cons :

As a legacy user of Analytics, it still rankles that keyword tracking was removed, especially if you’re managing SEO and organic search efforts.

Retention data display is not very convenient

It is hard to switch from one property to another

It also becomes slow when analyzing a huge data set.

4. Hubspot

google analytics

HubSpot offers many content marketing tools, and many of them are free to try. These include:

A powerful form builder

Popup tools

Live chat and chatbots

And all-in-one WordPress plugin for marketing

Pros :

Campaigns are excellent for keeping an eye on all parts of the campaign from setting and tracking goals to integrating all of the pieces in one simple place.

Adding our website to Hubspot has made it easier to make fast changes and get quality data and insights.

Captures website visits and form fills through multiple mode

A/B testing has been really effective for our landing pages and emails.

Cons :

CMS is too complicated.

Lists have some inflexibility that can be frustrating

More details on website visits like duration of each page visited, location of each visit etc.
would add more value.

5. Airstory

google analytics

Airstory provides you ease with managing multiple softwares while writing.

It helps you save quotes, images, and multimedia and drag and drop it into any application where you are writing.

Pros :

Designed with writers in mind.

Feature-rich and flexible to adapt to any writer’s style.

Organising content is quick and easy.

Cons :

A bit of a learning curve is required to figure out how best to use it.


A bad content strategy won’t be saved by content marketing tools but they will certainly help you accomplish the tasks faster and more efficiently.

These tools cover the basics of most marketing needs, even though there are many more content marketing tools available.

You can use them to improve your content creation and marketing.

Content ideation, production, and promotion, as well as optimization, are also some of the services they offer. Technology for content marketing grows every year.

So if you are a content marketer, you can try these 5 softwares to make your life easier.


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