ClientSIRA (Shah Institute of Research & Automation)
ServicesBrand Identity | Collaterals

About Client

Shah Institute of Research and Automation, i.e., SIRA is an educational institute that provides certification courses in fields like Robotics, AI and Automation to school students from grade 5 onwards and college students


The brand had very specific demands about the things they wanted in their designs and logo.The client also emphasized on including specific characteristics in the log for Vastu reasons. We had to make sure that we included all the specifics and also create designs that depicted the trust they wanted to convey through their brand.



We decided to go with the colour Blue as the theme for designs of SIRA, as it is used for representing tech products widely and it depicts trust. The client also wanted a mascot that represented their brand, and hence the idea of putting a Robot on the logo emerged.


A human brain was added to the Robot in the logo in order to add an eye catching colour combination and also convey SIRA’s aim of helping students design technology in a way that each student individually envisioned it.

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