Infinite Technologies

ClientInfinite Technologies
IndustryEnergy Solutions
ServicesBrand Identity | Collaterals

About Client

Infinite energy and technology is a company that provides sustainable solutions in the field of renewable energy.


We were handed over the task of creating the brand logo and stationery items for the client. We had to ensure that our creatives reflected the foresightedness of infinite technologies and the idea of “Technology is Infinite” that they wanted to spread.



We decided to go with the colours Blue and Green as the theme for the content we created for Infinite technologies. The color Blue is associated with energy and technology, and the green represents the goal of providing sustainable energy that doesn’t harm the environment.


Our designers came up with the idea of including the ‘Infinite Symbol’ in the company’s logo, so that people could easily associate it with the brand’s identity and its idea of “Technology is Infinite”.

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