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House of Paras is one of the most reliable cum first choice brands when it comes to Aluminium Ladders and Cloth Drying Stands. Ever since HOUSE OF PARAS laid down its foundation as manufacturers of Aluminium Ladders and Cloth Drying Stands, it has been committed to serving its esteemed clientele with the most superior quality products with a 100 mark achievement towards quality, safety and satisfaction.


The client was already present in the industry for two decades before they reached out to us for rebranding. Their requirement was to recreate their brand identity which included everything, from Logo Design, Office Stationery, Product Branding, Product Catalogue, Website Development & Social Media.
They also wanted to create an online presence to create better brand awareness, along with the potential to attract more business opportunities. Social Media & Website was their primary focus for creating an online presence.


As House of Paras follows a B2B model for their business, there were multiple things to keep in mind while creating the logo and stationery.
We removed the noise from the logo that distracted the viewer & created a minimal brand mark that people can remember easily. Once the logo was finalized, we worked towards providing the client with a brand identity that was bold & strong like their products and will increase their brand recall.

Next up, we created their Social Media Presence (Instagram Profile & Facebook Page). We strategized the content according to a B-2-B business model and created their monthly content. The content revolved around Product Education, Memes, Usage of the Product & Topicals.

Simultaneously we created their Product Catalogue and developed a very neat, user-friendly & dynamic website. We used the brand colours to keep the brand uniformity in all marketing communications.


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