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Flavors is a catering company that provides luxurious indoor and outdoor catering services. With more than three decades of experience in the industry, they are dedicated to providing clients with a holistic experience by providing Lawns, Banquets, Clubs & Decor along with Catering.


The client wanted us to design a logo for their upcoming project, Arivia lounge. Apart from that, they wanted us to develop a website that was consumer-friendly and showcased all the necessary information on the first page. We were also given the task of designing the food menu and handling the online and offline marketing campaigns for them.



As flavors were focused on providing a luxurious experience to their clients, with mutual discussions we decided to go with the color black as the theme for the website as it gave a sophisticated and elegant look. We developed the content for the site and listed it according to the clients’ preferences.


A two-fold menu was created that listed different cuisines that flavors had to offer. For the post covid campaigns, we emphasized the measures that were taken by the client to provide a safe and secured experience at their events.

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