Know these 7 Types of Logos before you build your brand!

your logo will be the first thing your potential buyers see, you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect.

Do you want to pick the ideal logo type for your company?

Despite the fact that they’re all made up of typefaces and graphics, each sort of logo has a distinct feel to it.

Here are 7 logo formats you should be aware of:

1. Monogram Logos


monogram logos

Lettermarks or monogram logos are formed of letters, mainly brand initials like BMW, IBM, NASA, HCL

Do you see a pattern, yes? They’re the initials of a few well known companies rather than lengthy names.

Lettermarks are logos that are typically made up of a few letters, such as an organization’s initials. It’s all about keeping things simple with the lettermark.

Which brands can use this Logo?

Brands with a long name

Brands with hard to pronounce name

Brands with ethnic names that are hard to remember

2. Wordmarks (ogotypes)


As with letter marks, wordmarks or logotypes are font-based logos that feature simply a business’ name. Example: FedEx and Loreal, having a distinctive and concise name makes a wordmark logo really effective.

One of the most famous examples of this is Google’s logo. When combined with strong typography, the name itself is catchy and memorable, helping create strong recognition for the company.

Furthermore, using your brand’s name as a logo will get your brand out there and assist people in making an immediate connection to your brand.

Which brands can use this Logo?

Brands with short name

Brands with catchy and creative name

Brands that want to create Buzz around their name

If you’re just getting started and aren’t sure what icon will best symbolize you, this style of logo is ideal.

One of the most famous examples of this is Google’s logo. When combined with strong typography, the name itself is catchy and memorable, helping create strong recognition for the company.

3. Pictorial Marks

In addition to being called a pictorial mark, it is also called a logo symbol or a brand mark. You probably think of Apple, Twitter, and other iconic logos when you hear the word, “logo.”

The logos of these companies are so recognizable, and each brand is so well known that simply seeing the symbol recognizes it.

An image is all that a true brand mark is. For this reason, a new business or company with little brand recognition might find it difficult to use the logo.

Which brands can use this logo?

Brands with long name

Brands with names that can be easily interpreted into a picture

Brands wanting to convey a certain emotion, idea or even service

It is not necessary for your logo design to represent your brand exactly to ensure your audience associates your brand with the type of logo.

Nevertheless, your brand must include distinct symbols that you can use as visual representations.

4. Abstract Logo

A pictorial logo of an abstract nature is called an abstract mark.An abstract geometric shape represents your business instead of a recognizable image, such as a bird or an apple.

There are many examples of this, like Audi’s four rings, Pepsi’s divided circle, and Adidas’ stripe-like flower. Abstract marks work best because it showcases your brand into a single image.

Abstract logos, on the other hand, allow you to develop something completely unique to symbolize your company rather than being limited to a picture of anything identifiable.

Which brands can use this logo?

Brands that want to stand out

Brands with different specialization

Brands that want to evoke emotions rather than thoughts

This abstract logo mark should represent your brand and deliver a specific message. You should also pay attention to the colors you use, since they might contribute to the design’s memorable quality.

5. Mascots


Logos with cartoon characters are known as Mascot logos. You can establish your own brand spokesperson with a mascot logo.It’s often colorful, sometimes cartoonish, and always fun.

A mascot is a fictional character that represents your business. Consider them to be your company’s ambassador. Wendy’s, KFC, and Pringles are just a few examples of well-known mascots.

Positive connections are evoked by mascot logos. They feature a drawn character who is either a real person, a fictional figure, or a non-human creature.

Which brands can use this logo?

Brands that cater to family and children

Brands that want to establish friendly relationship

Mascot logos are bright and cheerful. People will be more attracted to the character representing your firm, giving you a warm sensation and making you feel more linked to the brand.

6. The Combination Mark

A combination mark is a logo that combines a wordmark, lettermark, and mascot or pictograph. Stacking images and text is an option, as is combining them to create an image.

The combination mark logos of Doritos, Burger King, and Lacoste are examples of well-known brands.

Combination marks are versatile since a company name and an image are both attached to the logo. In addition, the text and the icon or mascot support each other to establish your brand.

When you choose a combo mark, people will instantly recognize your name with your graphical mark or mascot!

Which brands can use this logo?

Brands that need a flexible logo.

Brands that want to create strong associations with their name.

Brands that use different mediums: both elements or just one of them

You may be able to rely solely on a logo symbol in the future, rather than having to provide your name every time.

These logos are also easier to trademark than a visual mark alone because the mix of a symbol and text creates a distinct picture.

7. The Emblem

Emblems are logos that consist of typography within a symbol or image, such as badges, seals, and crests. Schools, companies, and government organizations commonly choose these logos due to their traditional look.

Some businesses have recently decided to update their classic logo designs with whole new or updated logo designs that are more fit for the twenty-first century.

For example, KIA used to have an emblem logo, but this year they switched to a Wordmark logo. Their new logo is designed to look like a handwritten signature.

Which brands can use this logo?

Generally used within the education sphere.

Brands that want to give off a professional vibe

The brands that dates back & know what they are doing

When a brand becomes well-known enough that people can recognise it just by looking at an image or symbol, the name is removed from the logo.

Despite the fact that all logos, regardless of type, are made up of graphics and strong typography, each style of logo has its own flavor and personality.

Each logo, however, is unique in its own way. So, remember to always choose your logo wisely!

In the end, effective advertising is the output you will get after combined efforts of the marketing team, sales team, designers, editors, content creators, photographers, and few other professionals to produce impactful engaging content that interests the potential customers.

Don’t wait to create your first advertisement!


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