How can Push Notifications help you grow your business?


Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on your users’ browsers or applications.

They are quick communication channels enabling companies to convey messages, offers, or other information to their customers.

Subscribers can be anywhere and still receive these messages as long as they have mobile phones or are active on their browsers. They just simply need to have an active internet connection.


1. To gain new users

gain new users

You can always ask your customers to register on a business website or a portal.

You can either choose to remind them via your email marketing or you can take another way, such as push notifications.

As long as your recent users give you the permission, they will be receiving your push notification.

Eg: Blue Boost sends Emails for promoting the collections in their showroom.

2. To promote offers or



Sending a pop up notification can help you with promoting your sale. It could generate upto 50% more revenue.

Eg: Zomato, with the help of Artificial Intelligence will send you customized push notifications, highlighting their discounts and deals.

3. Accomplish tasks without

opening the app


Your customer can reply to the push notifications by just clicking on it or clicking yes or no from the notifications, not needing to open the app.

This helps you get more clicks & increase application revisits.

Eg: LinkedIn gives you notifications for polls where one has to click on yes or no and there is no need to open the app.

4. Increase customer


increase customer

If you keep creating good and interactive push notifications for the audience, it will improve your PPC rate, which will in return improve your customer engagement.

A good engagement rate proves that the brand has a good amount of audience. It is essential for building a brand identity.


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