5 Differences Between a Good Design and a Bad Design.

How can you determine the dissimilarity between decisions concerning good design and poor design?

You may begin by contrasting and comparing distinctions. Design is a method of thinking, and it needs time to develop a skill for it, just like any other art. You can grasp the basics, but the only way to think like an artist is to practice. The Design Principles include – Stability, Positioning, Antithesis, Closeness, Reiteration, and Interval/Gap.

Let us talk about the difference in good and bad designs concerning things like logo designs, UX designs, flyer designs etc. But before that, we should know that a good design consists of aestheticism, relevance and creativity.

Logo Designs

A logo design should not necessarily be just attractive. There is more to logo designs than you think. The consumer should know through the logo what the company is offering, if the logo design is not communicating with the viewer, it is automatically deemed a bad one. A good logo can consist of the fewest elements but should communicate effectively. A design that tries to incorporate everything often accomplishes otherwise.

Flyer Designs

A design cluttered with too many elements looks unattractive. An impressive flyer would use beautiful fonts (and not too many fonts in one). The headline should be placed at such a position that it is easy to read and catch everyone’s attention. Designs should be colourful and catchy, sure, but at the same time, it should be subtle.

Graphic Designs

A good graphic design is always trendy and neat with modern fonts so that the typeface is easy to read. But as it is said, too many cooks spoil the broth, the same way, too many fonts will leave your design looking like a mess-that is the difference between a good design and a bad design. A careful selection of attractive colour scheme, following the theme, makes a simple design look even better, whereas slapping colours that do not make sense or are not relevant to the theme would contribute to a bad design.

Web Designs

To make any web page look attractive, designing is crucial. It is the first thing that the users are going to judge the brand/company. The design should be appealing and not too flashy, bombarded with lots of colors, distracting GIFs, and background music. All elements of a good web design should convey a consistent message about the company.
For example, the “Hunger Games” book author has a very erratic and inconsistent web page with every element all over the place.

UX Designs

A good design is both functional and aesthetic, but sometimes it can be hideous as well. An example of a good UX design can be seen on the Google Maps main screen on a smartphone; it is visually appealing and the color scheme is not too loud and obtrusive. The balance, alignment, and contrast are on point. An example of a bad design may be seen on the Yale Art School webpage; the background is flashy and not functional. There is just too much going on, and it distracts the focus of the user.

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