An Ultimate Guide To Fonts

Fonts play a very important role in personifying a brand. The fonts used in a brand logo should be a reflection of how one wants the brand to be portrayed.

A logo is the face of a company. Fonts are chosen according to what one wants the nature, look and feel of their brand to be.

There are certain emotions, feelings and sentiments associated with the fonts, just like with the colors.

For example if you are conveying the idea of your business/brand to be more into luxury

A right typography can work like a puzzle which helps you fill the gaps in your brand personality.

A logo design and graphic design, along with the typography can impact a lot on the emotional appeal of your brand.

The logo you choose has to be appealing as well as should belong to the correct font family.

Even if you get the brand name, colours around your logo perfectly right, the wrong font could break the credibility of your brand.

how to make your products stand out with the fonts/ the ultimate guide to fonts

1. serif fonts are Competitors

& Industry

sans sarif

elegance, sophistication, reliability
best for fashion brands, magazines

2. Sans serif are

associated with

minimalism, trust, modernism best for technological brands, sports brands

3. Script fonts are

Competitors & Industry

scripts fonts

best for food brands, children focused brands

As the logo will be on your letterheads, advertisement, social media, business cards, etc. the point is it needs to have the same impact no matter how big or small

Also, color is an intrinsic part of any design, & by selecting a color palette you create a brand consistency across platforms.

4.Slab serif are associated

with solidness and confidence

slab serif

best for automation industry, creative industries

5. Display fonts are associated

with causality, fun, uniqueness

best for beverage brands and children focussed brands


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