7 steps to build a brand / How to Build a Brand?
Go from Zero to Hero

A brand is a voice, and a product is a souvenir. It is all the resources that leads to the understanding of your business by customers.

Your brand, after all, is the single most essential investment you make in your business. So, how to create a brand identity? How to build brand awareness? If these questions come to your mind, this article is for you. Branding is a holistic amalgamation of content, voice tone, visual elements like brand colors, logo, pictures and fonts, an online presence like a webpage, social media platforms and influencer collaborations.

Your brand, after all, is the single most essential investment you make in your business.

Acknowledging the components that make up your brand, let us focus at the list below, to allow you to create your brand from zero

1. Identify the target audience

zero to hero

Targeting a greater market can imply a lower level of market relevance. For better brand management, pick a niche yet extremely relevant audience base for your business.

You can identify your intended market depending on the area, demographic and psychographic trends (spending patterns, leisure activities, beliefs), rival community and brand, and customer concern or pain area that your product seeks to address.

2. Research about your rivals

research rivals

Next, carefully analyze the brands of your contenders. You can learn a great deal concerning marketing in your sector by observing these pre-established entries. You must not try taking any of their attributes and replicate them with your brand.

3. Separate your unique



For successful brand management, understand your brand strengths. Assess what makes the brand exclusive.

It could come from your strategic planning in general: for instance, if you provide better deals than your rivals, you can highlight it in your branding. Or else, figure out how to make your brand stand out.

4. Choose a name for your


name for business

Your brand name would influence your logo, advertising campaigns, trademark, and other digital properties. A company name must be distinctive and easily recognizable.

After all, a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. Having your name relatively broad will help if you are looking to broaden your goods or services. Avoid using jargons, and keep it simple.

5. Choose a slogan for your


slogen for brand

If you don’t give the market a story to talk about, they will define your story for you. This is where the importance of having a catchy slogan kicks in.

A slogan or tagline is not a requirement, but it’s certainly a beneficial resource to help you convey who and what your brand is.

Slogans seem to stay in the consciousness of the consumers. They are a perfect way of creating and strengthening your brand’s identity. There is no specific way to write them.

nevertheless, when you come up with your own, you may consider the following:

Construct a metaphor

Define your brand

Make a statement

Display your consumer’s perception.

6. Create a brand logo

brand logo

If you’re wondering how to create a brand identity, curate a brand logo that sets your business apart. It functions like your company’s face as well as is among the most critical components of branding.

You wouldn’t want a logo that can be mistaken with other brands, particularly your rivals. The logo should also be customizable to various widths as you need to apply it everywhere.

7. Utilize social media

platforms well

social media use

You just can’t avail to disregard social networks in modern society. If you are wondering how to build brand awareness, use social media to its full advantage. Facebook has more than 2.4 billion engaged users each month.

This is almost one-third of the earth’s population. Social media gives you the advantage to engage and connect with customers on a private level. It helps you humanize your brand so that potential customers can better relate to it.


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