5 tips to create a Minimal Logo

No matter what it is, be it complicated relationships or complicated logos, nothing works!!

A simple logo doesn’t mean it has to look like a logo from the 70s or 80s.It can cover an aesthetic range of designs that can revolve around clear typography or maybe a simple basic concept.

A logo is a crucial part of your brand

The logo communicates Ownership, Quality, and Values. It is like an identity card of your brand, it is printed on your business cards, website, social media, products, and most importantly in the mind of your potential customers. People tend to remember simple things easily rather than complicated things.
It’s like the simpler design, the better the impact.

Follow these below mentioned tips to create an impactful Brand Logo:

1. Elicit an immediate

Emotional Reaction

Emotions are the very first thing that we learn as soon as we enter this world.

Humans tend to connect better with things that include emotional touch. A simple logo is not only about instant recognition but should also have emotional connectivity to the brand.

2. Focus on industry relevance

industry relevance

Designing a relevant logo for the industry can be difficult as especially in terms of the long run.

For example, you own a cloud kitchen and design a logo accordingly but what if you want to expand later? It will be difficult to change the logo and redo it from the start.

Being an industry expert your logo design should simply showcase your brand value and focus on relevancy.

3. Consider brand uniformity

brand uniformity

Less really is more! And The Size Matters!

As the logo will be on your letterheads, advertisement, social media, business cards, etc. the point is it needs to have the same impact no matter how big or small

Also, color is an intrinsic part of any design, & by selecting a color palette you create a brand consistency across platforms.

4. Simplicity is unforgettable


People are more likely to trust things they are more familiar with or things they can easily remember, so the logo should be such that they can recall it easily.

It triggers crucial memory centers in the brain, rather than confusing the brain with too much information.

5. Deliver Message Clarity

clear message

A logo design fails if the average consumer has no idea what your brand is.

Your logo & brand should be inseparable. If your logo is cluttered and confusing, then consumers won’t have much confidence in your brand because it can portray that you have no idea about what you are talking about.

When the logo is unique and simple at the same time, it can play a huge role in your brand’s success.

Make sure you consider these tips while designing your brand logo.


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